Welcome to the Modernised Advice page. Here we will try our utmost to provide you with the advice you need to confidently choose the product you require.

Our Modernised Awnings are Made-to-Measure products. Carefully designed, precisely manufactured and expertly engineered to bring cutting edge technologies to the World of al Fresco living & dining. In order to supply an Awning, we need the width and the projection, in centimetres (the width must be a minium of 50cm wider than the projection), of the area you would like covered. The awning will also need a sturdy location to fit to (i.e: the middle courses of bricks in the rear of a house). If you feel that you have a tricky location for fitting an awning, then you can always send us a photograph of the area and we will take a look and advise what would work best.

Modernised Blinds are a perfect solution to window coverings. We cater for many styles of blinds, and those styles also have many colour and/or fabric options, along with various control and fitting options. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information regarding a particular product. Blinds are generally fitted inside of window recesses, but clear of window handles, so the width and the drop of the window is always needed. With current EU regulations, we would also like to know the height, from the floor, that you will be installing the blind. This is needed so cords and chains can be made to suitable lengths.

The Modernised Shutter Collection has two sections to it; The Solid Basswood Collection & The Fauxwood Collection. Both are high quality collections and are carefully selected to bring the latest technologies from the Interior Plantation Shutter Industry directly to your home. Shutters are made to measure and demand millimetre measurements of the width and the drop of your window. You will also need to know how you wish the configuration of doors to work, along with the type of frame you would like the doors to be mounted to. All very simple stuff as you work your way through the selection process within the Shutter section.

Upholstery that has been Modernised are products that once had a life as amazing items, but the years have worn them alittle. So we take these items and completely re-vamp them. Our delicate touch helps transform any item that we get our hands on. These items are available directly from stock, usually only one off bespoke creations, however we also create commissioned pieces tailored specifically to your terms. Please feel free to email us about commision pieces.